Harrison Martin

FlutterByFrankie is photographer Harrison Martin.

She recently returned to her hometown, Spartanburg, SC after being in Washington, DC for 13 years.

Harrison would rather be outside stalking a bird or other wildlife with her camera. She loves the thrill of trying to capture movement in her photos. This is why she focuses on wildlife and sports: she needs a moving target.

She is a Highly Honored winner in the 2012 Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International awards. She's also published in American Whitewater magazine and Thayer Birding software.

Harrison's photography has been exhibited at Gallery East, Main Street Artists' Co-op, and The Art Lounge in Spartanburg, SC and is for sale at the Giving Tree in Linden, Va.

And if you are wondering, Frankie is a nickname based on her first name.